The sacramental rites of the Episcopal Church include: Holy Eucharist, Holy Baptism, Confirmation (child and adult), Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage, Ministration to the Sick, Ministration at Time of Death, and Burial of the Dead.


Parents wishing to have an infant or child baptized must notify the rector at least two months prior to the desired date to schedule the service and instruction. Instruction is a vital part of baptismal preparation in The Episcopal Church. All parents are required to participate in a pre-baptismal session. This session is normally held at least two weeks prior to the date of the Baptism. This session has two parts: first, time is spent discussing the nature, meaning and purpose of Holy Baptism. Second, the specific details of the liturgy are rehearsed. Godparents/sponsors are also encouraged to participate in the baptismal preparation. Adults seeking Baptism must contact the rector to discuss options.


Marriage is a sacrament of the church and therefore open to all in good standing. However, marriage at St. John’s is only available to members of the parish or individuals sponsored by a member of the parish. At least 12 months prior to the intended date, the couple must make their wishes known to the rector. Required counseling is to be arranged at least 4 months prior to the intended date of the nuptials.


Confirmation takes place during our parish episcopal (Bishop’s) visit which occurs every two (2) years. Adults prepare for confirmation by participating in The Inquirer’s Class. These sessions are scheduled with the Rector and occur weekly for 6-7 weeks. Young adults must participate in a required Confirmation class that occurs bi-weekly for 5-6 months.