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Sunday School Classes for school age children are scheduled every Sunday of the month from September through May. Children's lessons are linked directly to the day's lectionary so that aprents and caregivers may share the day's scripture. Children meet in the Parish Hall and then proceed to the Sunday school rooms above the Parish Hall for an activity, game and/or song related to the lesson. On Sundays when Holy Communion is celebrated, the children join their parents in church to participate in the Eucharist service. Take home activity pages are provided so that children may share what they have learned with others.

A volunteer-staffed nursery is provided for babies and toddlers each Sunday of the year. A variety of toys and books are available to capture toddlers’ interests, and a lectionary-based coloring sheet is offered. Very young children also have an opportunity to take an active role in church services by “flowering the cross” on Easter morning, and participating in a Christmas pageant in memory of the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Older children take an active role by lighting candles to celebrate the enlightenment of the world through the word of Christ (“acolytes”), carrying the cross into the church at the beginning of each service (“crucifers”), and volunteering to help with the nursery for younger children.

Adult Christian Education is held in the Parish House every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Participants read and study the Holy Bible with the rector. Scripture is read in a historical context to enrich our understanding, and in a modern context to apply God's Word and Christ's teachings to our present real life situations and experiences. The discussions invariably are lively and fun and touch upon issues of greatest importance in our daily lives. Participants look forward to these weekly sessions, and frequently express their reluctance to leave at the end of the hour.

Adult members of the congregation have an opportunity to take an active role in church services by singing in the choir, reading scripture, leading the congregation in certain prayers (the “prayers of the people”), and helping the Priest share the Holy Communion (“chalicers”).

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